Monday, December 24, 2007

The inconsistancy is killing the Preds

The Preds now have won two in a row, which brings us back to .500 on the season. (16-16-2) This, after a 5 game losing streak which was the end of what has been a miserable December for the Preds so far. So far, the Preds have gone 4-7 in December, sending the Preds from a playoff team, to one of the worst teams in the league. In October, after starting 2-0, and looking much like the Preds team from lsat season, the guys went 2-7 to finish October at 4-7 overall. (Including the 6 game losing streak.)

Then, the Preds woke up in November, going 8-2-2, and losing back-to-back games only once the entire month (11/17 & 11/19 against St. Louis, one of which was in a shootout) They became the talk of the league once again, and all seemed to be well. Then, as mentioned earlier, December came, and once again the Preds hit the skids. It seemed that as the weather outside cooled, so did the team. The Preds have 4 games remaining in 2007, and as we enter 2008, the question is, which team will show up for the stretch run? Will it be the team that found ways to win, or the one that found ways to lose leads late in games?

And furthermore, if the team that has apparently taken the ice in December continues to play the same way, what will happen to the fans? I have to say, the game against the Kings on Saturday was a great one, both on the scoreboard, and in the stands. But, if the Preds have another 4-7 month, (or worse, the Preds play 14 games in January) will a Peter Forsberg-type of trade be enough to get people to believe in the team?

I'm certainly not saying that if the Preds struggle in the upcoming month, that the team is doomed, but will the fan support stay at the level it's at now? I certainly hope so, and I feel that with the ownership situation finalized, the team can now better focus on what lies ahead, which is a run to the playoffs. Poile has pretty much been given the green light to make moves as he needs to, and knowing Poile, something could very well happen. Poile is known as one of the most brilliant minds in the game, and is one that could very well make a move that would make the Preds a contender once again.

But, in the meantime, the Preds must find a way to play more consistant, or else the team will be in deep trouble when the season begins to wind down.

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